Thursday, January 7, 2010

a little shout out to you

Hi, all of you! How's it going this week? How's the new year treating you?

I wanted to take a moment out of chattering on about our little familia to say a warm and friendly hello to all of you I don't actually know! I've been watching my visitor stats, and find it so amazing to be having repeat visitors from all over the world. Not just in a "that's cool" sort of way, but in a very connected, deeply happy kind of way.

I was lying in bed last night, waiting for Max to fall asleep, thinking of all of you out there. You don't know it, maybe, but just the thought that you all check on us, wonder how the boys are doing, post comments, and simply think of us every once in a while felt to me like a cloud of goodness I was resting upon in the night.

When I was a youngster, I wanted nothing more than to travel - to know people from all over the world and have a sense of the whole planet being my home. I sought out pen pals from all over the place - France, Japan, India, Costa Rica, Canada and the US from what I can recall - and eagerly awaited their letters in the mail. I had my paper correspondence then, and later I was able to travel - to Japan, Canada, around the US, Brazil and China. Since returning to the States back in 2002, I have felt disconnected from the global community. But suddenly, through this little blog I started so my friends and family afar could see Max and Shoghi, I feel like my connection to people in other cultures, countries, and communities is growing.

So, I just wanted to say thanks. To my friends and my family, to those I've met online, and to those of you who I haven't met yet, I appreciate your interest and caring, and wanted you to know that it makes a difference in our life.



  1. I know i'm only a whopping 4 blocks away.. but you're welcome :D

  2. I really like your blog and became a follower. I just started a blog check it out and if you like it become a follower.

  3. hi to you from the east coast!just a plane ride away...

  4. Lots of LOVE from a little town in the midwest!!

  5. Hello to you from Iowa!! I found you through Korin, I keep coming back cuz I love the updates on the boys!!